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1987 - The Sound of Music

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Memories of Sound of Music 1987

by Liz Armstrong, President of Enniscorthy Musical Society (February 2013)

Enniscorthy Musical Society staged the Sound of Music from 5th to 12th April 1987 under the direction of Harry Ringwood. As today, it was one of the most popular musicals following the famous film version of 1965. My recollection was of a very happy atmosphere throught rehearsals and performanes, mainly due to the children’s infectious enthusiasm. All involved showed pure dedication , highlighted by one particular instance. One finding that one of the boys couldn’t make the final performance, one of the girls, Lillian Crofts, had her long hair cut short and went on a a boy that night. Thank God for double casting.

For the roles of the German soldiers, we needed four athletic men. These came in the shape of four straping young men, employed as trainee managers in Dunnes Stores, Rafter Street. They were known colectively as “The Dunnes Lads”. They even went to far as to get special permission from head office to leave early on the Friday evening.

One of “The Dunnes Lads” Gearóid Murphy was a son of Alice Taylor, the well known author, whos book “To School Through the Feilds” was soon to be published. We only found out this family connection when Ms Taylor came to town for a book signing.

I’m sure there will be many of the previous cast in the audience to see this show. Unfortunately, there will be two who won’t be with us – Pat Taylor and Marion Roche, both of whom were Vice Presidents and are fondly remembered – RIP.

Here we go again, same show - different venue, different cast. And I for one, as a cast member 26 years ago and again this year am looking forward to it. I plan to enjoy it as much as I’m sure you will.

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