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Bed Push 2010


Seven Miles in four hours that was the record of the colourful Enniscorthy musical society crew as they pushed a bed from Oylegate to Enniscorthy on Saturday.

The expedition was led by a Lion society chairman Brendan Redmond in 'Wizard of Oz' style costume. Cutlass wielding treasurer Adrienne Murphy, in her best 'Pirates of Penzance' gear, was delighted at the return of 1,500 from the day's hard labour. Characters from others shows such as 'Oklahoma!' also lent atmosphere and muscle to the occasion. Security was provided by the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin, who may not be stars of any musical but who certainly added some caped capers to the exercise. At the end of their journey, after a long pull up Irish Street, the expedition came to rest in Market Square for an hour where the exhausted pushers had the opportunity to use the bed for its proper purpose. The proceeds of the outing will be used towards the cost of producing 'Fiddler on the Roof ' next Easter. The bed push certainly did a good job in working up a thirst for the musical society's social gathering at Holohan's at the end of the day.


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